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We are fighting to give you the best possible call and data rates in any destination.

No throttling, no restrictions, no exceptions.

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Gain access to our global hotspots. Make the cheapest international calls. Send instant micropayments.

All from our super secure App.

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Network Nodes

You make all this possible.

Get paid for bringing connectivity to your local community by owning and operating vital elements of the World Mobile network.

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An Open Operator

The World Mobile network is owned by the community. We don’t have shareholders looking to protect their private interests, so we don’t have to make huge profits off of our users.

Instead, our distributed network rewards you for being part of our community, supporting the network and increasing coverage to previously unconnected areas.

Together we are making connectivity cheaper, fairer and more accessible for everyone, everywhere.

The World Mobile Chain

Community Fund

Over half a billion people live in extreme poverty. We believe that better connectivity can help change that.

That’s why we pledge 5% of all of our profits to help connect communities around the world.

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