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We know how important privacy, price and coverage are to you. That’s why we created World Mobile Chain – to deliver a high security, high quality mobile experience.

Providing total privacy, state of the art hardware and seamless global connectivity – all at a price that undercuts your current carrier – we want to get the world talking.

Powered By Blockchain

By harnessing blockchain technology we have streamlined network operations, creating a system that puts privacy and security at the core of all that we do.

Tackling Fraud

Combating mobile fraud head-on.

All interactions with our network are tethered to the blockchain to dramatically reduce network fraud. With lower fraud expenses, we can guarantee lower rates to our users.

Total Trust

We don’t own your data. You do.

Our trustless network provides complete transparency to our users. Through innovative softwares we allow you to totally govern what information you share and who you share it with.

Speak Securely

Your conversations should be private.

All interactions with our network are encrypted. This means that you can speak, share and send messages in total confidence, without the threat that someone might be listening in.

Our Network

We are building a decentralised network of antennas, towers and building mounted infrastructure around the world. Providing coverage in hard to reach areas, and giving those in disadvantaged regions the opportunity to build their own network.


Earth Node: Distributed Core Ledger.

Used for processing and executing smart contracts and data security functions on the WMC blockchain.

Air Node: Access Layer.

Processing access for Wifi hotspots, community Wifi, open base stations and mesh networks.

Aether Node: Unification layer.

Handling processes for media, SMS and signalling gateways, and interconnections with both mobile and fixed operators.



Keep the phone you love and join our global network by simply purchasing one our SIM only options. Pay monthly or as you go – whatever you’d prefer.

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Turning Global, Local

We want everyone around the world to be able to connect with one another. So we’ve gone as far as we can to reduce mobile roaming charges and have drastically cut international call rates.
As our network grows, we will be able to eliminate these charges altogether and provide packages that make every call local.

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Devoted to Innovation

We’re a network owned by the people that use it. And by becoming part of the World Mobile Chain, you are helping further innovation in global telecoms.

So whether you want to run a masternode, install our infrastructure, or simply refer family and friends to our network, we want you to get something back for what you put in.

Committed to Change

Be your own operator

By running a masternode or installing one of our base stations, provide flawless connectivity to your local community and build your own business.

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Empowering people

In tandem with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we’re committed to creating a better, more connected world.

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