Introducing W-OS

Breathing life into our phones

Built on a backbone of blockchain, W-OS will change the way you work with your phone. Protecting your privacy and securing your sensitive data as standard, discover the scintillating new features our smartphones deliver.

Be ready for all the future can throw at you.

W-OS learns from you.

With in-built artificial intelligence, W-OS  learns from the searches you make and the apps you use to provide a personalised interface and mobile experience.

W-OS protects your data.

Our TRUST Center is your own personal shield. Protecting you from malware and ensuring that your connections are completely secure.

W-OS keeps you connected.

Are you ready for the Internet of Things? We are. Capable of processing countless connections,
W-OS will change how you interact with the world around you.


Ready For Custom ROMs.

It’s your phone, so you should be able to do whatever you want with it. W-OS is custom built to allow for easy development and installation of custom ROMs, letting you to change how the phone looks and feels.

Take Control.

W-OS's ‘Advanced Mode’ allows you to customise your handset experience for unprecedented control over nearly every function of your phone.

The WMC Shield.

W-OS’s own smart shield stops threats dead. Alerting you to incoming connections and letting you govern the connections your phone makes, the WMC Shield builds your own intelligent blacklist.

Our Trust Center.

For total transparency, access all your information at any time through WO’s ‘Trust Center’. Check your call logs, the cost of that chat with your mum back home and see all of your records stored on our blockchain.

Smiling Pays.

Simply authorise transactions from your cryptowallet by taking a selfie. Our facial recognition software knows your face better than you do.

Own Your Own Reality.

W-OS lets you augment the world around you with incredible immersive experiences from the latest games and applications

dAPPs Galore

We want to encourage innovation and creativity. That’s why we’re creating our own dAPP store, allowing developers to create next generation apps that will enhance your life, give you something to do in your downtime and speed up your company’s goals.

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