Solutions for Businesses,
MNOs and Governments

Private, productive and pioneering.


At World Mobile Chain we are here to help businesses of all sizes better handle their communications.

From SMEs to enterprises, MNOs to governmental agencies, we provide the platforms and processes to create private, cost-effective communications channels that better connect you with your customers, staff and stakeholders.

Solutions for Businesses

From the development of our Hyper Private Branch Exchanges to providing tailored systems to the financial, healthcare and energy sectors, we offer full-spectrum solutions to any-size businesses that require completely secure, low cost calls and data.

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Solutions for MNOs

We are here to help mobile network operators from around the world better connect with their consumers, and provide their value-added-services to users on our network. At the same time we provide solutions to dramatically cut the costs of network fraud and promote mobile roaming.

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Solutions for Governments

The age of the smart city is upon us. Working with governmental agencies we create solutions that help departments deliver IoT services that protect privacy, promote connectivity and provide the building blocks for the cities of the future.

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