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Take the phone you love to a whole new world.



With our SIM only deals, keep the phone you love whilst enjoying the incredible benefits of joining our new worldwide network! That means cheaper calls both home and away, great rates on data and an even better service.

Plus you get to choose from 12 month, one month and PAYG deals.

What’s not to love?


Why Choose WMC SIM?

Roam at Home

Our SIM deals mean you can make international calls and roam on your travels without working up big bills or spending all your credit in seconds.

Stay Flexible

Whether you want to sign up for one month or 12, or only top up when you need, our SIM plans are designed to work around you.

Cut on Costs

With the WMC network you can always be sure that you’re getting the best calls, messaging and data rates around.

Save, Trade & Pay

Your SIM card is also you private wallet, allowing you to save, spend and transfer cryptocurrencies straight from your phone.

FrequentlyAsked Questions

“Pre-order your WMC SIM by visiting our investing page here, and become one of the first to explore the benefits of being part of the WMC community.

We’re only releasing 10,000 SIMs for pre-order, so if you want to get your hands on one you’ll have to move fast!”

We are looking at full scale roll our for our SIM cards around October 2019, however this date may change. But don’t worry! We’ll keep you in the loop and let you know how development is coming along every couple of months.

If you have pre-ordered and have any questions, please get in touch with us here.

Those who have joined our early stage investment process will be sent an email confirming expected delivery date.

Absolutely! We can port any number to our network, we just need to follow the same regulatory steps as any mobile provider in your country.

Absolutely! You’ll be able to insert our SIM card into any unlocked phone and join our network in just a few seconds.

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