? Keep Data Rolling

You own your data, so why should it expire each month? With us your data rolls over each month and never expires.

? Superstar Savings

We have cut our costs to offer you the most competitive rates on calls, text and data around!

? Built on Blockchain

We have built your privacy and security into the very core of our network to give you that extra peace of mind.

⛱ We're All Wanderers

Never have to worry about connectivity and call costs while you are travelling abroad ever again.

We are here to get people talking.

Not to make massive margins like every other retail carrier. That’s why we’ve created three simple packages for all of our users to enjoy, and at the cheapest rates possible.

Our Plans

Boost your data speed abroad, stream Netflix in HD, and more when you choose one of our plans.

Base Plan

Start off small with our base plan, suited to most casual users.

? 1GB Data

?‍? 500 Call Minutes

? 500 SMS's

Like to use WhatsApp and Facebook? Enjoy 1GB of data a month that never expires.

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Plan 1

A step up from our base plan. Enjoy a little bit more of everything.

? 5GB Data

?‍? 1000 Call Minutes

? 1000 SMS's

With 5GB of data per month, send all the selfies you want without a care in the world.

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Plan 2

More data, more minutes, more SMS's.

? 20GB Data

?‍? 5000 Call Minutes

? 5000 SMS's

20GB of data for those heavy shoppers, live feed streamers and social media addicts out there.

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Pre-Order Your WMC SIM Card

We are currently taking pre-orders on our SIM cards, pre-loaded with calls, texts and data.

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