The Phone. Rethought.

Lightning fast, completely secure and filled with features, WMC’s first blockchain-powered prototype phone THUNDER is being built on cutting edge technology, designed to offer the ultimate user experience.

Super Secure

We’ve gone out of our way to ensure that your phone is impenetrable. Our customised Android W-OS comes complete with our TRUST Center to provide a personal shield, and the WMC One-ID keeps your important information totally private.

One Wallet

Store, spend and transfer cryptocurrencies straight from your mobile, safe in the knowledge that your coins are locked away in our hyper-secure hardware wallet. Lost your phone? Simply enter your recovery phrase to restore your funds.

Breaking Borders

Use your phone home and away, for work and for play. By joining the WMC network, you can make calls and download data wherever you are whenever you want, without being stung by huge roaming bills.

WMC Phone

Introducing W-OS

With next generation features, super-fast speeds and superior layers of security, W-OS breathes life into our phones.

Private and Protected

With all of your communications conducted through our hyper-private network, you can rest assured that no one is listening in to your calls.

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Simply Secure

Your data, your wallet, your calls. Everything is encrypted to keep yours yours.

Your One-ID

Create a WMC One-ID to store all your secure data in one place and access your accounts and services as seamlessly as possible.

Easy Authentication

How do you want to authenticate transactions? Your face? Your fingerprint?

WMC Phone
Touch To Open

As standard, open your phone and load your apps with a quick tap of your index finger.

Facial Recognition

Scanning your face to create an in-depth map of your features, you can use your smile to authenticate transactions in just a few seconds.

One Wallet

Store, spend and receive cryptocurrency payments straight from your phone.

Powerful Thunder

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