Aether Nodes

Our bridge to legacy networks.

WMC Aether Nodes

What Aether Nodes Do

Handle processes for media, SMS and signalling gateways.Ensure stored communications metadata is encrypted and cannot be sold.Transcode media between networks.Translate protocols between World Mobile and legacy networks.Interconnect to other operators.

SMS Operators

Aether Node - SMS Operators

Delivering messages in and out of our network.

Mobile Operators

Aether Node Mobile Operators

Connecting to mobile operators everywhere.

Fixed Operators

Aether Node - Fixed Operators

Linking to landlines around the world.

Aether Node Operators

Only individuals or companies that have passed local regulation and licensing requirements can register to become Aether Node operators. You must also:

• Demonstrate that our minimum Quality of Service requirements will be met.• Provide multiple points of resilience to legacy networks.• Already operate a regulated GSM network element.• Ensure cost + x% open book tariff.

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