A Distributed Mobile Network

Our distributed mobile network model enables us to create censorship resistant, trustless and borderless communications channels that cannot be disrupted.

With hyper-localised infrastructure spread across the world, we are ready to support the rolling out of future mobile infrastructure such as MaxWifi, 5G and TVWS and offer our subscribers superior signal wherever, whenever.

Our model is split into three basic layers: access, unification and a distributed core. These layers provide access to mobile services and interconnections to current GSM protocols whilst privacy and security is ensured by our blockchain-based core.

Be your own operator

With each layer supported by user-operated nodes, our community truly owns the network and will be rewarded in WMC coins for data that passes through their infrastructure.

Earth Node – Distributed Core Ledger

Used for processing and executing smart contracts and data security functions on the WMC blockchain.

Air Node – Access Layer

Processing access for Wifi hotspots, community Wifi, open base stations and mesh networks.

Aether Node – Unification Layer

Handling processes for media, SMS and signalling gateways, and interconnections with both mobile and fixed operators.

Add Your Own Node

5G Starts Here

Up to 100 times faster than 4G, 5G wifi is set to roll out across the world in the next few years. Delivering super HD video, virtual and augmented reality applications and countless IoT connections, 5G utilises high-band spectrum radio waves, which are far shorter than those used in current IMT systems.

Able to be installed within your property, our Air Nodes support the delivery of these submillimetre wavelengths, giving your local community access to super high speed mobile internet.

Community and building projects to provide Wifi access through mesh networks, Wifi hotspots and new MaxWifi networks would also become economically feasible with implementation of our Air Node.

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