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Committed To Change

Invested In You

By creating a distributed network owned by its subscribers, we’re pushing for a world in which we’re all better connected. A world where everyone can participate in economic empowerment without the restraints of location or origin. A world in which your data is just yours, and your private conversations remain private.

Now we’re offering you the opportunity to become early adopters and help set the foundations for the future of communication.

SIM, Data & Coins

Purchase one of the first WMC SIM cards, preloaded with 10GB of data, plus receive 40 WMC coins to top up your credit, exchange or hold.

You’ll also gain exclusive access to early bird beta testing of the WMC mobile app.

1.11 ETH

Availability: 10,000

Deposit ETH

Earth Node*

Purchase 1100 WMC coins and join the waiting list for one of our Earth Nodes, responsible for processing and executing smart contracts and data security functions on the WMC blockchain.

You’ll also receive 10GB of data preloaded onto a WMC SIM as well as access to early bird beta testing of the WMC mobile app.

28.11 ETH

Availability: 5,000 units

Units will be released 250 at a time to ensure efficient onboarding.

Deposit ETH

WMC Coin

Be one of the first to get your hands on WMC coins, used to make calls, buy data bundles and send texts on the WMC network.

ETH 0.025/coin

20% bonus for purchases of over 100 ETH**

Deposit ETH

* All nodes are planned for release by earliest June 2019, require that KYC procedures are passed, and require a minimum amount of coins be staked in order to operate the node.
** Discounts available between 1st and 30th of November.