The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are part of a 17 point plan to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all by 2030. In order for the goals to be reached everyone needs to be doing their part, but we want to do more than most.

By creating the Community Fund we aim to help in every area we can – by providing access to resources, innovative technology and economic opportunities.

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No Poverty

Mobile connectivity helps bridge the economic divide, delivering greater access to financial services and new technologies.

Zero Hunger

Smart, interoperable solutions will improve efficiency for both smallholder and industrial farmers.

Good Health and Well-Being

Connectivity broadens access to healthcare and facilitates smarter medical solutions, including the Internet of Life Saving Things.

Quality Education

Access to information through mobile connections increases access to educational resources and further learning opportunities.

Gender Equality

Female empowerment is expedited through improved access to information, services and job opportunities.

Clean Water and Sanitation

Mobile technology enables intelligent water management solutions to reduce water wastage.

Affordable and Clean Energy

Improved connectivity and data sharing creates the capacity for more sustainable, smarter energy management systems and grids.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

The mobile industry stimulates economic growth and innovation, and internet access will let people create their own online businesses.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

With infrastructure in remote regions, disadvantaged peoples can connect to the rest of the world and build business by owning their own network.

Reduced Inequalities

With widespread access to mobile across communities and socio-economic boundaries, societal and financial inclusion is increased.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Enabling IoT connections between key services and consumers promotes conscious consumerism, facilitating sustainability.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Mobile connectivity eases cross-industry collaboration and innovation to reduce the impact of industrial activity on the environment.

Climate Action

With remote access to climate change measurement, greater data shareability and access to educational resources.

Life Below Water

Machine to machine (M2M) monitoring improves data collection and sharing with IT systems to boost sustainability efforts.

Life On Land

Mobile solutions ease the integration of ecosystem and biodiversity systems into both local and national planning agendas.

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Granting access in remote communities to governments and institutions gives citizens the ability to connect with justice services and information.

Partnerships for the Goals

Providing secure and cost-effective solutions to connectivity issues will empower global partnerships, and act as a conduit to further bolster achievement of these goals.

Community Fund

In order to build infrastructure and provide connectivity to remote areas of developing nations, we pledge 5% of our revenue to our philanthropic fund.

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For the UN’s goals to be achieved, we all have to work together. That means governments, the private sector, civil society and people just like you.

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