Community Fund

Just people helping people.

Real Talk

Though most of us might not see it:


of the world live in extreme poverty.

783 million

people live on less than $1.90 a day.

And in countries like Angola, Venezuela and Madagascar, more and more people are falling below the poverty line each day.

Giving Everyonea Voice

We believe that by supplying devices, services and network infrastructure to hard-to-reach and disadvantaged areas we can help bridge the economic divide.

Giving people better access to resources, a platform to grow global businesses and a network from which they can generate an income for their community, we hope to give everyone a chance to better their lives.

How Our Community Program Works

We reserve 5% of our coin supply to supply impoverished areas with the capabilities to connect to our global network.

Supplying Devices

Giving communities handsets and other hardware to better connect with each other and the world at large.

Delivering Services

Calls, messages and data packages allow people to access resources, financial services and create global businesses.

Creating Infrastructure

Our infrastructure not only improves connectivity, but means communities can generate passive income from subscribers utilising their infrastructure.

Want to help?

Become part of our Community and help put an end to poverty.

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