Our History

World Mobile is the meeting of two worlds - Ian Barnett and David Fox, telecoms entrepreneurs and co-founders of HTS Tel Limited, together with brothers Micky and Josh Watkins, two serial startup specialists and innovative software developers.

HTS Tel Limited

With over 35 years in business together, Ian and David built some of the earliest VoIP businesses and have built up a high-volume wholesale voice business partnering with companies such as Citic in China, WorldCall in Pakistan, Sygmatel in Dubai and Lebara in the UK.

Having consistently been one of Skype’s top ten global voice providers since the company’s inception, they have forged long-term partnerships with many of the biggest calling card companies and MVNOs.

Previously partnered with the Hughes Satellite Systems Corporation they were a key part of selling Pakistan their first satellite, Paksat One, in 2003, and played a vital role in helping Sri Lanka Telecom combat their problems with illegal VoIP termination – boasting the country’s largest supply of VoIP calls at that time.

Michael and Josh ‘The Watkins Brothers’ have been creating business together since 1999, and built and sold one of the first reflective digital assets platforms for oil trading.

Originally known as “Socialism”, Yallo was the brothers’ next big step. A company with one clear goal in mind – to reinvent the phone call. Automatically reconnecting dropped calls, summoning group calls with one click and creating priority contacts, they raised over $20 million in seed investment before the company was sold.

Since, Deutsche Telecom, Carmel Ventures and Marius Nacht (of Check Point Software Technologies) have all funded the brothers’ enterprises, which includes the development of a non-language-dependent, remote emotion-detection platform in conjunction with a Major Government Intelligence Service.

Having moved into the telecoms arena, the brothers have bought and sold hundreds of millions of minutes at wholesale and retail level globally.

Something To Shout About

We have provided telecommunications services to:

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Our founders have provided telecommunications services for:

Our Future

By harnessing blockchain technology we have streamlined network operations, creating a system that puts privacy and security at the core of all that we do.

We firmly believe that, just as VoIP was the new wave in 2000 (and now carries over 80% of global voice termination), the time is now right for a paradigm shift towards a more delegated, trustless mobile environment where the role of the old-tech, giant MNOs will inevitably diminish, and innovative technology will make it possible for everyone to own a piece of their own network.

We will cause that change.

Invest in Innovation

We’re a network owned by the people that use it.

By becoming part of the World Mobile Chain, you are investing in further innovation in global telecoms. As with all investments, we want you to make a return on what you put in.

So whether you want to run a masternode, install our infrastructure, or simply refer family and friends to our network, let’s build a better connected world together.

Invest In Change
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